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Kinetic Kaleidoscopic Backgrounds

Each animation segment was designed for a tiled background. On the full screen view, the kaleidoscopic effect creates a myriad of evolving patterns. To experience the actual look of a Kinetic Kaleidoscope Background, one must click on the image for a full screen view.

What you see in the sample is only a snapshot of a single moving image and not the full effect the image was designed to create.

At the bottom of the full screen view, the CSS code and/or link to the animation is available.

If you use the Profile Editor simply copy and paste the CSS code at the bottom of the 'About Me' section.

If you use the MySpace 'Theme and Layout' editor, click on 'Edit Theme' and paste the link into the 'Image Location' Box.

Where it says "Repeat," on the Myspace theme editor, click on the arrow and then click on "Both." You'll then have a tiled Kinetic Kaleidoscopic Background.

So, while you're here, why don't you check out the rest of my site? there are a lot of eclectic surprises and more free images.

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Click on image to see the full-screen view.

Kaliedoscope 01
Kaliedoscope 02
Kaliedoscope 03
Kaliedoscope 04
Kaliedoscope 05
Kaliedoscope 06
Kaliedoscope 07
Kaliedoscope 08
Kaliedoscope 09
Kaliedoscope 10
Kaliedoscope 11
Kaliedoscope 12
Pakal - 01





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